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Village Green Shopping Center

7075 Village Parkway,

Dublin, CA. 94568


Tuesday - Thursday 11 am  - 5 pm

Saturday 10 am - 4 pm 

alfonso93 in Dublin, CA on Houzz

“Antiques remind us of who we are and where we have been.”
Socially conscious customers are finding their way back to objects that embody past tastes and times..  Their new appreciation and appeal of buying something that exists already, is supported by a strong sense of social justice and the environmental impact of expensive and trendy home furnishing imports. Especially when compared with American or European home furnishings and décor, handcrafted from high-quality woods and materials, rather than something that requires a new tree to be cut down and may have been manufactured in poor working conditions. These new attitudes have opened infinite possibilities for up-cycling or re-purposing old-fashioned pieces into stylish and practical pieces for modern lifestyles. 


Antiques & Eclectika,

a place for design,  style and inspiration.


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We are a haven for designers, collectors or those looking for that certain conversation piece. Our eclectic collection showcase the true American spirit in interior design.
Blending pieces from different parts of the world among multiple styles and periods. Guests will be inspire while browsing through the vast collections of fine art, furnishings and decorative objects.